INTRODUCTION:Thematically the story begins with the roll of the Credits; the legend of St. Brendan the Navigator, alone in an angry sea..520 AD. We Fade in on: REGGIE proposing in Panama to KATALINA. REGGIE's proposal of marriage did not go down well. The 2nd scene is REGGIE... suffering from a terrible hangover met by his upbeat, extroverted sailing Amigos... BODIE and his 20 year old niece KATE at Logan Airport Boston. A beat up Wrangler Jeep overflowing with sail bags is blaring a tune out of the 60's...causing a minor scene at pickup... The song "One Fine Day" . We then become acquainted with more of the central characters...JIMMIE FAYE and LINCOLN DOUGLAS … REGGIE goes back to AA where he started urged by his friend SPIKE. REGGIE picking up a white chip of surrender declares… “I know everything about how to stay sober.. But I’m not. If Roy was alive, my sponsor, he would be very disappointed... I now have his boat… The only thing decent left in my life... I guess? Since I picked up again I lost my job... my career through bad health... My girlfriend... Everything that mattered... It’s a game of loss and I’m a loser... I know that... Every time coming back gets harder. "It’s insanity." REGGIE has come back for Roy's memorial service at sea and to pick up his boat, bought from Roy's Estate that he helped re-design, an old restored 12 meter racing yacht that HE, LINCOLN and JIMMY campaigned on during the Americas Cup trials years back. Sailing out of Marblehead alone his journey begins. Then on day four at sea, the angry storm hits off Cape Hatteras; barely surviving, he experiences the "Hand Of God" he becomes a different person, life takes on a different meaning... While in Stillman's Boatyard St. Pete,FL. he gets a phone call. Deepwater Magazine a failing publication of Consolidated Publications happened on to his website, they want to use one of his articles "Upwind Sailing"...Reggie agrees and meets Lauren chief photographer at the Don Cesar Hotel, St. Pete Beach; He's busy, he explains, coming out of the water that day...she meets up again a little later at the boatyard...Meanwhile Harry Walker retired Navy Seal, now sailing as Chief Engineer on a patroleum tanker has planned sailing across the Pacific with Reggie both looking for Bali Hai...Harry now has 4 months vacation. Reggie and Harry sailed together on an Ammunition ship, Persian Gulf War, the Cape Domingo. Lauren will eventually become part of the crew. Through Consolidated magazine conglomerate, one of their publications, Fashion today; Victor an acquaintence of Lauren will become crew along with Roxanne Stillwell, her uncle George Stillwell, good friend of Reggie,  who runs the family boatyard. They are at a baseball game in St. Pete  Reggie gets a call from Haines, who runs Consolidated, Lauren's cousin, who has arranged, if Reggie agrees, a meeting at the N.Y. Yacht Club...they want Reggie's help... He meets with two of the members  who are involved in a large building project in Panama on the water...They  are planning an ambitious series, of two yacht races, and ask Reggie's assistance, knowing, not only his efforts as a Yacht Designer in Panama; but,  He knows the waters of their two intended races...For his assistance and hopefully his participation, they will give him all new racing sails...Reggie really doesn't care, but the new Reggie seems agreeable to everything and goes along with their ambitions in order to help them out..So the crew sets out from St. Pete Beach to take the audience on a great sailing adventure....From St Pete to Isla Mujeres Shelter Bay Yacht Club...Atlantic side Panama Canal, across the Canal to Balboa Yacht Club, Pacific side... meeting with other competing racers... The adventure takes us then 1100 miles to the Galapagos... Inaugural Charles Darwin Cup, then 4000 mile race from the Galapagos to Tahiti.. Paul Gaughan Cup..then "all the fun" after 5000 miles of Sailing...Huge Fashion show and Rock concert from Taina Marina Tahiti..."One of the finest Marina's in the world" The beach wear models cat walking off 200 ft Sailing vessels...Mediterranian moored in front... thanks to crew-member VICTOR. Reggie says..."Victor you have press here from all over the world, Victor laughs, the fashion Press Captain...ANNA and Geraldine arranged everything. The Production takes the audience along as if they themselves were in the cockpit as part of the crew...the scenery spectacular, exceeded only by crew-members and the interaction of all the participants....Their passion to sail and be free. The Rock concert and fashion show will be something else...Lincoln Douglas and the Debate...making a comeback...Victor playing drums...INCREDIBLE FUN....EVERYBODY A WINNER....Thanks to REGGIE who finally got it all together...His crew grateful for what they all found...



The screenplay SOAKED for brevity… THREE STORIES: ... The FIRST to please children,(All children in attendance 5-10 will get Fozzy Sticks...see below)  sailors and landlubbers alike with dramatic sailing action coupled with CLEAN, realistic descriptive dialog to intensify the sailing action. Rich scenic beauty throughout the production… At times childlike comedy. Written for broad audience appeal… Even to please the most hard nosed competitive sailor… it’s tactically spot on for the racing fraternity. The story line, in part, takes you through the scenic beauty of the PANAMA CANAL...artfully  presented by KATALINA, REGGIE'S girlfriend in character with her TV program in Panama aided by LAUREN... " I've been through the Canal many times"

The SECOND… Pure Entertainment. The Crew & Supporting Characters are highly likeable, to make you laugh, cry put you on the edge of your seat and cheer… All crew and supporting characters are gracefully resolved in the finale... Then EXPLOSIVE conclusion... Entertainment...There WILL be dancing in the Aisles... I guarantee it.... “After sailing 5000 miles”?... LINCOLN DOUGLAS & THE DEBATE…” Thanks to enterprising and talented VICTOR… LINCOLN and supporting character KATE…”The Harvard performing Arts Genius...” adopted niece of BODIE,. Supporting Character... Americas Cup sailor ’74… KATE’s been performing with LINCOLN since her high school days. We meet them in ACT One.... Clean Dialogue and no explicit order to engage Children who will love it...


REGGIE...The Captain… World class Sailor, Seaman, Ships Officer, Naval Architect but a drunk. now EX drunk…thanks of course in part for the storm and his “RUDE awakening”.

HARRY...REGGIE’s Merchant Marine shipmate, & old AA buddy... Graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy… Ret. Navy Seal, now sailing as Chief Engineer. HARRY met REGGIE aboard ship during Persian Gulf War. HARRY’s got 4 months vacation…expected a leisurely sail across the Pacific with REGGIE looking for Bali Hai.

LAUREN... Currently Deepwater Magazine’s ( A failing publication) Chief Photographer. A young widow, who was formally with CNN. A very accomplished sailor... A Wellesley girl from the MA. North shore. Strong girl but emotionally vulnerable.

VICTOR... World’s foremost fashion designer, strung out, a good guy, life in a gilded cage. Magazine acquaintance of Lauren... We find out, through VICTOR’s mother MARIA his older brother” N.Y. F. D. died 9/11 … His father Ernesto died on the N.Y. subway, Heart attack, looking for John. Ernesto sailed with HARRY’s father US Lines… MARIA knew HARRY’s father... MARIA “You are your father’s son, and brother of JOHN, N.Y. F. D., never forget that VICTOR… VICTOR looking down…”Mother you are embarrassing them” During an emotionally tense moment of the scene... REGGIE... "Any son of a U.S. Lines sailor is sure welcome on my boat. “We find out later in the story… VICTOR plays drums”… Story time frame around 2002.

ROXANNE.... Almost Dr. of Psychology, Fl. State. She’s being held back emotionally. GEORGE STILLWELL’s niece. GEORGE a great guy supporting character, a WW2 hero in the Pacific… Family owned boat yard in Fl. Perhaps the result of the loss of her father at a young age (4)... who we find was washed overboard during a yacht race in Florida SORC circuit... Roxanne a sweet fine person, warm, sociable, good sailor but still the loaner… Is she still waiting for her father to return? GEORGE and younger 2nd. brother JOHN STILLWELL Psychiatrist thinks so.

LINCOLN DOUGLAS... Like REGGIE a world class sailor on the North Shore... LINCOLN is also a great guitar player... LINCOLN DOUGLAS & THE DEBATE. As JIMMY FAYE, supporting character, a respected World Class Sailor, an Iron Worker out of Boston said...”THEY could have went far… MAYBE…Both LINC and REGGIE were thrown off East Wind during the Americas Cup Trials years before... (JIMMY having ran the foredeck in those days)... LINCOLN drugs... REGGIE drinking... For LINCOLN Sailing IS Rock N Roll. Clean now 10 years, his group all O’d around him. Pepper Davis is still with him. We find out, LINCOLN sober and clean thanks to his AA sponsor, the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan. SRV had four years sobriety before plane crash the only one who was able to reach out to him. LINCOLN's sister Joan, we find out, went to Wellesley with LAUREN.

Two Characters... have been added in a very recent minor re-write.... Was very easy to do; they fit right in as I suspected...You would immediately recognize the names of the characters if I revealed their names...they are not professional actors, the parts small, but gives, perhaps the appropriate term might be FUN and FLAVOR to the production...I'm happy the way they effortlessly fit in  "At the appropriate time I would hope that they would accept the parts"..I think they might enjoy it...Fits right in with character and nature of the storyline...The audience would no doubt appreciate the addition....."Thats all I can say about it now" In the production one is named: DOC the other ANNA....ANNA a good friend of a medical doctor, world class sailor, former crewmember of the British entry in the Americas Cup Trials at Newport,  he is needed by Sir Fosley who is all out to win the inaugural CHARLES DARWIN 800 mile race from Panama to the Galapagos..Before the big race...4000 miles from the Galapagos to Tahiti. DOC coincidentially played with Lincoln Years ago in Newport...former fill in, rhythm Guitar player with the well known former group ... "Lord Apple and the Pie"....The group intends maybe to do a great version of the Fabulous Thunderbirds MY the Balboa Yacht Club in Panama...with character PEPPER on keyboards. just before the Races...A WACKY WEDNESDAY TRADITION...Beer half price at the Yacht Club for all the sailors.

The Boat... is OLD… wood 12 meter... Said to be at one time, though… the most beautiful sloop ever built... now, REGGIE’s boat, called Worldwind... The New York Yacht Club needs REGGIE’s help because of his experience, in his yacht design efforts in Panama... and his experience in Polynesian waters… For his help they will provide all new Racing Sails... Does he have a shot at it?... not much… but with LINCOLN coming aboard in Panama, running the foredeck, with Reggie Captain, and the other fine crew members... and the right conditions… Who knows?... in the 4000 mile race for the Paul Gaughan Cup to Tahiti… The key for Worldwind an improbable west wind… REGGIE knows… James Michener’s description in his book HAWAII “Waiting for the West Wind”… in the final leg … 500 miles from Tahiti due west … a long shot at best, a weather tack... at the wrong time of year... the gales the ancient Polynesians waited for were from the West…”This isn’t the first time racing REGGIE might get lucky. As JIMMY FAYE told REGGIE in Panama... REGGIE they can’t touch you up wind in heavy weather… You got a shot at it... take LINCOLN… Who knows.

I might add the story engages other wonderful characters and boats...The Competitors in the 2 races..terminating in Tahiti...Everything is highly realistic. "You might expect an education in long distance sailing"...What I intended for the world wide audience...without the benefit/liability of getting SOAKED. "I've been there" my intention, sharing the experience. For the race hardened sailor an exciting, realistic and spectacular tactical maneuver to win the race.


So what are Fozzy Sticks? After winning the Inaugural Charles Derwin Cup race to the Galapagos...Sir Fossley Waterwheel,  his vessel the Cambridge Cavalier... employs the services of children. He notices a special bond between the Sea Lions and the young children...The sea lions, friendly, are everywhere down town... The children have been given these special sticks he devised, dipped in fish oil...Their job to run around and distract the sea lions so that he can get his sail repaired by seamstresses without intefearence outdoors, on the waterfront...The children promised "All the ice cream they can eat" at the parlour across the street.....(don't laugh a similar experience to me in the Galapagos inspird this sequence).....In the Galapagos the animals are in charge...people only guests.


… The Spiritual story… realistically conveys what can happen to a person, alone at sea coming out of an experience of a bad storm; main character spending 18 days at sea on the vessel during Act ONE... The experience, the terrible storm is intertwined with… Mythology... Brendan the Navigator…”Greatest single handed Sailor who ever lived”… Patron Saint of Sailors. The spiritual transformation is very believable. The story lightly autobiographical…The characters inspired in part by my own reality… many years sailing.... Myself having spent 33 days alone at sea on my challenged vessel mid Pacific before thankfully making port. I might add my own experience sailing from the Galapagos to NUKU HIVU took me 54 days at sea before seeing land "Steering Gear Broke"...(More on that last link")

REGGIE in the end, figuring out, through his experience what's important; winning back his girlfriend KATALINA... The man she once knew before he went back drinking.

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Similar action in the screenplay.This picture depicts a 12 meter yacht off Newport Rhode Island during the Americas Cup Trials in mid eighties. " Actually still a Design Student...I had a small part; for my services one of the few actual prints given to me.


Highly extroverted and upbeat... BODIE & KATE rolling into Logan Airport pick-up, in an old Jeep wrangler, top down, stuffed with sail bags...RADIO order to pick up REGGIE who's nursing a terrible hangover


In the FINALE after sailing 4000 miles non stop racing to TAHITI the FLEET is ready to let loose...LINCOLN DOUGLAS & THE DEBATE...joined by KATE who flew over for the festivities will be doing their interpretation OF THIS....WOW....coordinated with VICTOR'S Fashion show...his swim wear collection ... TO LINCOLN... SAILING IS ROCK N' ROLL.

WithTrevor coming aboard known as the Doc. an experienced rhythm guitar player...coupled with Pepper's great talent on Keyboard...they go with the Fabulous Thunderbirds MY BABE to showcase their their last Wackey Wednesday at the Yacht Club just before the Races. 

All the Music expressions here  for demonstration ONLY...The Composer Designs the music tracks... not imput though is important.